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Lynda.com Windows Phone SDK Essential Training 2013 €15 buy download
Michael Lehman
Discover how to build professional apps that encompass the 17 major feature areas of Windows Phone, from XAML to multimedia to network access. In this course, author Michael Lehman details the standard hardware device configuration, teaches how to navigate the development environment, and explores the Windows Phone APIs. The course shows how to build sample applications while learning Windows Phone concepts and frameworks, including the Metro design language.
Introduction 2m 34s
Welcome 55s
What you need to know to take this course 51s
Using the exercise files 48s
1. Getting Started 15m 44s
Downloading and installing the Windows Phone tools 2m 44s
Creating a Hello World application 9m 31s
Debugging on a Windows Phone device 3m 29s
2. Navigating the Windows Phone Environment 6m 29s
Exploring device capabilities 2m 58s
Understanding the Emulator 3m 31s
3. Foundation 8m 51s
Understanding the SDK 8m 51s
4. Building a Units Converter 41m 32s
Introducing the converter 3m 36s
Creating the user experience (UX) 13m 35s
Responding to the Application Bar 2m 40s
Implementing click handlers 3m 52s
Saving and loading settings 8m 18s
Preparing your app for shipment 9m 31s
5. Building Sonnets 20m 48s
Introducing sonnets 1m 38s
Data binding with Silverlight 4m 4s
Exploring the Model-View-ViewModel pattern (MVVM) 4m 2s
Implementing the Master-Detail pattern using pages 3m 53s
Loading external data 7m 11s
6. Implementing Persistence with Isolated Storage 50m 26s
Choosing a multipage controller 3m 13s
Preparing for persistence 7m 30s
Updating the data model 7m 2s
Creating the details page 4m 30s
Bringing it all together 3m 58s
Cloning a Windows Phone app 6m 49s
Using SQL CE 8m 49s
Updating the data model 2m 24s
Querying and updating the database 6m 11s
7. Capturing the World 14m 19s
Working with the camera 6m 11s
Exploring GPS 5m 21s
Exploring the accelerometer 2m 47s
8. Building Take-A-Note 29m 34s
Introducing recording and playback with XNA 45s
Capturing sound 5m 12s
Providing feedback while recording 5m 50s
Playing a recording 4m 34s
Persisting a recording 2m 58s
Listing recordings 5m 15s
Managing the recording list 3m 26s
Recording under the lock screen 1m 34s
9. Building TweetMonitor 28m 32s
Building the UX 3m 54s
Using WebClient 4m 1s
Determining network connectivity 2m 9s
Leveraging Internet Explorer 7m 56s
Adding a live tile 2m 42s
Building a background agent 7m 50s
10. Native Development 14m 46s
Hello World in C++ 4m 35s
Libraries 4m 17s
Managed plus managed 5m 54s
11. Beyond the Basics 26m 35s
Exploring built-in controls 4m 28s
Windows Phone Toolkit 2m 42s
Introducing Coding4Fun 3m 13s
Reminders and notifications 6m 10s
Wallet and In-App Purchase 1m 34s
File and protocol associations 1m 59s
Bluetooth 44s
Integrating speech 1m 28s
Near field communication (NFC) 1m 23s
WinRT and legacy Windows Phone APIs 2m 54s
12. Where to go from here 12m 14s
Publishing your apps 2m 49s
Learning from apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace 1m 22s
Staying in touch with updates and new information from Microsoft 2m 34s
Looking at Windows Phone 7 app reviews 44s
Exploring web sites books and other useful links 4m 45s
Conclusion 1m 34s
Farewell 1m 34s

Download File Size:581.75 MB

Lynda.com Windows Phone SDK Essential Training 2013
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