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SolidCAM 2020 SP1 €50 buy download
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SolidCAM 2020 SP1 | 4.5 Gb
Languages: 中文, Čeština, Dansk, Nederlands, English, Français, Deutsch, עברית, Magyar,
Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Polski, Português, Русский, Español, Türkçe
SolidCAM announced the release of Service Pack 1 for their flagship CAM software – SolidCAM 2020. Last release brings major enhancements to many CAM modules available inside SolidCAM, as well as general improvements that provide an even greater ease-of-use for the end user.

SolidCAM 2020 SP1 Release Notes - Date: April 8, 2020 General
SOL-3109 Machine Preview - Add function "Focus Target”
SOL-5070 Machine Preview - Show current coordinate system position
SOL-6631 Updated Machine Checking "Updated machine".
SOL-7937 API -create new CAM part with selected coordinate system from CAD Model
SOL-8001 Tool sheet / Need to generate Toolsheet data according to setup’s
SOL-8639 Zoller -Export of SolidCAM Project Time, Programmer Name and Stock Size
SOL-9505 Drag & Drop Template/Operation templates page –new look
SOL-9548 3D Model offset Default Parameters added in CAM settings
SOL-9734 Tool sheet/Setup/ Create tool sheet for the Setup separately (add "tool sheet" option to right click menu on setup)
SOL-9851 CAM Tree -Gcode / Device a shortcut to suppress Gcode
SOL-11184 Close Project without update
SOL-4313 Pocket Recognition -3D model protection with cut only rest material
SOL-8799 Combo box depth options for drill
SOL-9734 Add variable "compensation" for Contour 3D
SOL-9816 Helical ramping + Use profile strategy + Approach from outside BY DEFAULT
SOL-10447 Lead in/Lead out associativity with lead in/out via point
SOL-11155I mproved Smart face recognition of open edges
SOL-11628 Chain Geometry/Disable Chain direction suggestions
SOL-8301 HSS -Multi Axis / Roughing and More Tab Improvements
SOL-8552 Turbo Roughing -Support level Range in User defined Cut levels
SOL-8807 Turbo Rest Roughing
SOL-8861 TSR Cut tolerance defaults according to the Faces Offsets
SOL-10494 Gouge check while linking / Add offset functionality of MS
SOL-11498 Turbo HSM / New feed control
SOL-10725 iMachining 2D -Add "3D positioning" for stock based Operations
SOL-2233 Definition of Spin and Tool direction
SOL-6083 TurnDrill/Request to add number of flutes to @def_turn_tool
SOL-6590 Profile Thread -add new operation -GUI definition
SOL-8589 Target Envelope -Modality on Accuracy/Speed Option
SOL-3128 Machine Simulation -Add function "Remove Machine Housing Tag
Tool Table
SOL-4617 Add Taper Form and Lens Form (Barrel) tools
SOL-4863 New variable is needed in @def_turn_tool for all Swiss Type machines
SOL-6803 Tooltable-Tools Barrel -add Shoulder Angle on GUI
SOL-10142 XML Import -Add tooltypes: Lens form, Barrel Taper
SOL-5234 New Multi-Axes Constant step over operation from MW (Surface based Geodesic)
SOL-6315 Screw Machining New features from MWAugust 2018 release
SOL-7756 Triangle mesh -Constant ZUnder Cut Machining
SOL-10133 Multiblade / Improvements of Stock definition style
SOL-9969S crew machining / Link / Approach moves added in GUI
SOL-11034 HSS / Sim 5x / Drive curves / Support of multiple drive curves
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SolidCAM is a CAM software that integrates directly into SolidWorks and Inventor. That does not only mean you can program tooling paths from the comfort of the CAD software you know and love, but it is also advantageous in that all tool paths retain associativity with the original CAD design. In other words, any changes made to the CAD file will instantly be reflected in updated tool paths, saving you time and money.

Take out the guesswork of milling, turning and other processes by using the patented Technology Wizard. The wizard allows you to automatically fine-tune optimized feeds, speeds, depth and width of cuts. What is more, this CAM software automatically recognizes the distinct geometrical features of your design and assigns toolpaths accordingly. Hence, this approach eliminates the need for time-consuming manual geometry definition.

The tool paths created with this CAM software rely on an advanced, patented morphing spiral that gradually conforms to the geometry of the feature being machined rather than an old-fashioned, simple spiral tool path. This increases the amount of time the tool actually works the stock and thus makes your machine more productive.

SolidCAM & iMachining - The amazing CAM solution.

SolidCAM Inc is a world leader in advanced tool path generation technology (CAM) running directly inside SolidWorks. SolidCAM features a full line of CNC machine programming software solutions ranging from 2 axis lathes and 3 axis mills to extremely complex multi-axis MillTurn machines and Wire Edm. All products run directly inside SolidWorks and provide the user with a true "SolidWorks look and feel" for ease of use and maximum efficiency. Along with the integrated interface and scalability for new machines, SolidCAM also has its patented "iMachining" that powers users to new levels of productivity and profits, through unmatched cycle time reduction and unrivaled tool life.

Product: SolidCAM
Version: 2020 SP1 build 108390
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.solidcam.com
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Software Prerequisites: SolidWorks 2012-2020
Size: 4.5 Gb

* System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10 x64 Professional and Enterprise Editions; Microsoft Windows 8.1 x64 Professional and Enterprise Editions (with latest Service Pack); Microsoft Windows 7 x64 Professional and Ultimate Editions (with latest Service Pack)
- Intel Xeon, Intel Core, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad or higher (If you use other processors we assume no responsibility and no support)
- 4 GB RAM (for the processing of large components, we recommend 8 GB RAM (or more)
- 15 GB free disk space for installation
- Hard disk with at least 100 GB of storage
- NVIDIA graphics card of the current Quadro series with min. 512 MB ​​(1024 MB recommended) and current, certified graphics driver (With the use of other and on-board graphics cards, we accept no responsibility and no support)
- 1,280 x 1,024 or higher screen resolution
- Microsoft Direct3D 9 or compatible graphics card (Microsoft Direct3D 11 or higher recommended)
- USB 2.0 interface
- DVD drive
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Download File Size:4.39 GB

SolidCAM 2020 SP1
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