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Mastercam Products 2020 €75 buy download
Mastercam 2020 (version 22.0.18285.0) and Mastercam 2020 (version 22.0.18285.10) for SolidWorks 2010-2019

CNC Software Launches Mastercam 2020. This latest release features new functionality focused on delivering speed and efficiency to your machining jobs.

Listed below are a few of the highlights from this release:

- New 3D Blend Toolpath
A new toolpath, Blend, has been added to the 3D High Speed suite of toolpaths. Select Blend from the 3D gallery on the Mill Toolpaths contextual tab to access this new toolpath. Blend is based on the Surface Finish Blend toolpath; however it is faster and has a superior quality. Blend also includes benefits such as the use of stock and holder checking. This also brings a blend-style toolpath to the Mill-Turn product.
- Hole Table
Hole Table, which was previously an add-in in previous Mastercam releases, is now integrated with Mastercam and has been improved. Select Hole Table on the Drafting tab to use this new function. Hole Table creates parameter notes for all holes (circles) in your part file, allowing you to gather hole data and record it in a table for part inspection. In previous Mastercam releases, it was limited to finding hole geometry only on the active plane and only recognized wireframe geometry.
As an add-in, Hole Table automatically recognized wireframe hole geometry. Now, Hole Table requires you to select geometry, but the type of geometry you can select has expanded to include wireframe, faces, edges, and bodies. You can filter your selection to any combination of these types, as well as individually remove a selection. Additionally, you can control the direction of each selected hole.
Display and Position
You can define the scope, size, and position of the table and labels describing the hole geometry. You can describe the holes in radii or diameters. You can also add location coordinates (in 2D and 3D) for each hole relative to the origin/world Cplane, Tplane, and WCS.
On the Advanced tab, you can show or hide the hole table and direction arrows in the graphics window.
You can create a report directly from Hole Table by selecting Create under the Active Reports group.
- 3D Tooling
3D tooling, which was introduced in Mastercam 2019, has many usability improvements.
. New stop-on-contact functionality when mating insert to holder.
. New 3D tool icons in tool lists to help distinguish between 3D and non-3D tools in the Lathe Tool Manager.
. Auto-populating compensation point when defining 3D tools.
. New tabs to display library inserts and holders in the Lathe Tool Manager.
Insert Designer
Mastercam 2020 allows you to build inserts using the new Insert Designer function panel. Insert Designer supports ANSI and ISO parametric definitions or custom inserts based on solid models.
Holder Designer
Also in Mastercam 2020, you can build holders using the new Holder Designer function panel. Holder Designer supports custom holders from solid models.
- Filters for Inserts and Holders
You can now filter inserts and holders by attributes. In the Lathe Tool Manager, select either Insert Filter or Holder Filter. Use the dialog box to filter your selections by selecting attributes you are looking for. After clicking OK, only items that match that criteria will display in the Tool Manager.
- Improved Machine Configuration Workflow
Mastercam 2020 gives you more power for setting up machining jobs and configuring .machine files for Mill-Turn. A suite of new tools works together to significantly improve and streamline the Mill-Turn workflow.
New Machine Configuration Page
The Job Setup workflow has been enhanced with the addition of the new Machine Configuration page. Use this page to select the chucks and jaws to be loaded on the machine.
. Previous versions of Mastercam required you define chuck jaws for each part. In Mastercam 2020, you can save chuck jaws to a component library and re-use them in multiple parts. You can define as many sets of chuck jaws as necessary.
. You can also define different chucks and save them to a component library so they can be managed together with jaws. In previous versions of Mastercam, you were limited to the chuck that was built into the .machine file and only machine developers could make changes to the chuck. Mastercam 2020 allows you to swap out chucks for each part by selecting them from their library.
. You can select which chucks and jaws to use as defaults.
. The Machine Configuration page also lets you enter minimum and maximum spindle speeds directly as part of the Job Setup. Previously, these values were saved in the machine definition and needed to be edited there. Moving these settings to the Job Setup tab makes it more convenient for you to enter values.
New Tool Locator and Component Library Functionality
The workflow for managing tool locators and component libraries has been reworked and is now available to all Mill-Turn users. Now any Mill-Turn user can create or edit tool locators and manage their tool locator libraries, instead of being dependent on your Reseller or machine developer. You can open the component library by right-clicking on the .mcam-gmd file in the Machine Explorer in Code Expert and selecting Open or by double-clicking it. Mastercam opens the library and displays it in the new Mill-Turn Component Library dialog box. You can use the new interface to easily to do any of the following:
. Import tool locators from other libraries.
. Create new or custom libraries.
. Create new tool stations—including half-index tool stations—or edit existing ones.
. Edit or shift the tool mounting locations on the block.
. Edit or replace the solid model used to simulate the locator.
. Create completely new tool locators as required.
Many tool locator libraries are already available on Mastercam’s Tech Exchange (community.mastercam.com/TechExchange) and are available to any Mill-Turn users. The component libraries themselves have been enhanced so that users can store chucks and chuck jaws in them. In addition, you can select the chuck and jaws that will be used as the default for each spindle. This means you can easily store turret tool locators, spindle tool locators, chucks, and chuck jaws in the same component library. The new Machine Configuration page (New Machine Configuration Page) exposes these components to you during Job Setup, allowing for flexibility in configuring the machines for each job.

For the full list of new and improved features, and fixed bugs please refer to the release notes located in download folder.

About Mastercam. Mastercam is the world’s #1 CAM software, with more than 250,000 installations in industries such as mold making, automotive, medical, aerospace, consumer products, education, and prototyping. It is distributed through an international channel of authorized Mastercam Resellers in 75 countries, providing localized sales, training, and support for 2- through 5-axis routing, milling, and turning; 2- and 4-axis wire EDM; 2D and 3D design; surface and solid modeling; artistic relief cutting; and Swiss machining.

Get familiar with the latest functionality and improvements available in Mastercam 2020 Mill including Accelerated Finishing tools, additional catalog properties, hole-making enhancements, toolpath hold definition, 2D and 3D enhancements, Multiaxis enhancements, and more.

About About CNC Software. Founded in 1983, CNC Software, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Tolland, CT, with corporate offices in Switzerland and China. The company develops Mastercam, a suite of CAD/CAM software created to reduce production time and expense with efficient machining strategies and advanced toolpath technologies like Accelerated Finishing and Dynamic Motion.

Product: Mastercam
Version: Products 2020 *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.mastercam.com
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8.x or newer
Size: 3.6 Gb

* Review versions: Mastercam 2020 (version 22.0.18285.0) Base release
Mastercam 2020 (version 22.0.18285.10) for SolidWorks 2010-2019
× Mastercam Products 2020

Download File Size:3.47 GB

Mastercam Products 2020
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