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Fixerlabs Shadowfixer v1.1.1 for Photoshop €15 buy download
ShadowFixer has been developed to correct the problem of different exposure requirements within one image. A dark corridor in the foreground leading to a light garden in the background, shadows across a subjects face or a photograph taken in bright sunlight of a subject in shadow, the type of problems that photographers and image makers face daily.

Previously one of the few ways of dealing with digital images with under exposed areas or dark shadows may have been corrected using the brightness and contrast controls, which has the affect of lightening the whole image and lightening the areas that were already correctly exposed. ShadowFixer is designed to be used on an entire image or a large region of an image which has boundaries that lie along those of an object or shadow in the image, blending the over/under exposed regions into the whole picture, whilst enhancing the detail in the fixed areas.

Like all the plug-ins produced by FixerLabs, ShadowFixer is easy to use, just plug-in and go!

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Fixerlabs Shadowfixer v1.1.1 for Photoshop
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