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Mokafix Audio Kung Fuzz VST 1.0 €5 buy download
Fuzz effect is probably one of the most simple, raw effects possible.

While an overdrive aims at pushing the next element in the chain to
saturation (usually an amp), a fuzz will amplify and saturate
internally. The output signal has a regular level, but sounds highly

So making something new in the fuzz domain is not obvious and it is not
everyday a plugin can claim clipping your sound in a new way.

Most software Fuzz will soft clip the signal, and slightly shift it to
give it some bias.

Touch Sensitivity & Extreme Bias

Kung Fuzz is modeled after the famous Fuzzface. analog unit.

The dynamic response of that device differs from simple clipping in the
way it biases at high input levels (see graph B).

* At very low input level, the signal is clean.
* When it hits the clipping threshold the signal is already quite biased.
* As the input level increases not only the bias will not disappear, but
will get stronger to reach its stable state, with an extreme bias

The output sound is more nasal, emphasizing odd harmonics.

You can compare it to the difference between a minimoogish square and
the most narrow pulse. Do not hesitate to feed it with a monophonic
sound (guitar, voice, simple waveform) to hear this phenomenon clearly.

Not only Kung Fuzz will provide you with the most asymmetrical fuzz you
could get, but this transistor auto-biasing behaviour makes it one of
the most touch sensitive distortion available.

Features list :
* Original auto-biasing engine
* Fuzz and volume knobs
* 4 models
* mono / stereo modes
* Midi learn on every paramter


Download File Size:13.5 MB

Mokafix Audio Kung Fuzz VST 1.0
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