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VRAY for C4D 3.4.01 for Cinema 4D plus VRAY Standalone 3.4 €1 buy download

We are happy to announce that V-RayforC4D 3.4 has been released. V-RayforC4D 3.4 is seamlessly integrated and optimized for both CPUs and GPUs, using whatever an artist picks to deliver high-quality imagery and animation quickly, even when working with complex 3D scenes. V-RayforC4D 3.4 operates under the same 3.4 core technology that has made V-Ray an industry-standard in visual effects, broadcast and architectural design projects for nearly 20 years.
With a vaste lighting, shading, and rendering toolkit at their disposal, artists and designers have full control over the entire creative process, from real-time look development to the final frame.

Features include:
- New great V-Ray 3.4 render speed. faster overall ray tracing and render performance;
- A lot faster path tracing GI, all parts of V-Ray had been greatly optimized using state of the art ray
tracing technology.
- New progressive sampler rendering: see your render within seconds instead of waiting for buckets.
Time or sampling level based for stills and animation.
- New variance based adaptive image sampler (VBAS), in bucket and progressive mode, improved
sub-pixel filtering
- Dynamic Bucket splitting, unified sampler options (only bucket or progressive to choose)
- 3.4 denoiser via vfb &via vray denoise standalone tool (for animation), non destructive, can cut render time by half and more
- Automatic sampling of lights and materials – removing the need to set subdivisions manually
- New Global Defaults for fully automatic render settings, – just turn on GI and render.
- V-Ray RT cpu, cuda, openCL(only win) production rendering in picture viewer and editor
- RT Lightcache support & new premultiplied mode in Lightcache
- Faster Lightcache rendering,
- Lightcache is now rendered distributed via DR
- New feature for Lightcache for universal mode, including animation
- Fast IPR window (interactive preview render) based on V-Ray RT v3.4 core , GPU & CPU options.
- Multi faceted GTR BRDF (ggx pro with tail control)
- Min shading rate (one simple global shading quality slider)
- v3.4 clip max ray intensity setting (can speed up rendering a lot)
- Lot faster hair, grass & fur rendering & a lot faster instance and proxy rendering
- Probabilistic light sampling: a lot faster rendering with huge number of area lights
- Embree 2.3 (also dynamic geometry like displacement ,hair, mb, proxies)
- New 3.4 Render masks (textures, objects, object ids)
- V-Ray Clipper (make easy render time sections or booleans of objects or groups of objects)
- Reflection/refraction sets (include /exclude lists)
- New Object based and unbiased/raytraced (still fast) subsurface scattering option in SSS2 mat and
channel, RT compatible
- New Multiple UV support per shader(!), support for unlimited UV channels chooser inside vray shaders. this overcomes c4ds limitation of not being able to use mapping per shader. You can now map each shader different with any number of custom UV maps, and manage them easy via the new UVW manager tag
- New BRDF Material presets menu inside the Adv BRDF
- New single /rgb curve option for complex IOR, Custom fresnel curves and shader color mapping
- New BRDF Materials: V-Ray Skin Material, V-Ray Volume Material, V-Ray Switch Material (for Scene variations based on full materials), V-Ray OSL Material (win), Stochastic Flakes Material (Brute force Physical flakes), AL_Surface BSDF Material
- New static displacement options (faster), Open-Subdiv support via Displacement Mat option
- Udim texture support*
- New “Auto” mode in color mapping dealing with 8 bit,32 bit and mp situations
- Several New multipass channels, Separate light select layers for render elements (V-Ray light select)
- Sampler-Info-Tex shader as in V-Ray Maya, to read out scene data and use for shading
- OSL shader, with thin film and complex IOR shaders included (win only atm)
- V-Ray frame buffer,with ICC, OCIO, LUT, cube, interactive burn, exposure, highlight, color balance
controls (win only, OSX comes in SP.)
- V-Ray physical based Lens glare glow and diffraction effects via vfb (win)
- New vrmesh export, with all features, animated vr-meshes, hair and particles in vr-meshes
- Additional vray shaders (vray curvature, vray ray switch, vray user data color, vray user skalar, bercon noise, Phoenix Ocean shader)
- Optimised volume rendering
- New Sky and Areal Fog options: Hosek sky model to simulate more natural looking skies, Ground color option for VRaySun and VRaySky, Aerial perspective for efficient and realistic atmospheric depth (fog, humidity)
- Improved translucency in 2 sided mat
- New Dr features (exclude local machine from render, ipr or optional computer name support)
- V-Ray Quick setup (3 simple “speed vs. quality” sliders to tune any render setting)
- New Simplified user interface (optional like vray 3 max)
- New standalone layer_max shader (faster)
- New Multi shader (with new options)
- New V-Ray Instancing shader
- New Random by ID, Random by shell command
- New ray traced round corners, with texture option, perfectly smooth edges at render time with no additional modeling
- Support for V-Ray VR stereo cameras: Support for 6×1 cubic and spherical 360 degree stereo VR
cameras (for Hive, Samsung gear and Oculus Rift use p.e )
- Support for sub folders in c4d search paths and for textures stored in .lib files
- Bitmap aperture & optical vignetting in V-Ray physical camera
- New dome light ground mode mapping
- Shademap support for stereo images(speeds render up)
- C4d OGl editor resolution options for bitmaps in editor
- V-Ray presets, V-Ray tool bar
- New V-Ray Bridge menu
- Tool to transform similar objects automatic into render instances
- Support for native c4d mograph shader on DR standalone (via vray data shader)
- Support for c4d native vertex map on DR standalone (via vray data shader)
- Support for c4d native bitmap on DR standalone (via bitmap to file option, fast)
- faster vrscene export for DR (up to 10x) due new vray sdk
- New MAXON Team Render still image support, in addition to animation frame frame distribution, as alternate option to V-Ray DR, good in case you want to use native c4d shaders.


Download File Size:880.99 MB

VRAY for C4D 3.4.01 for Cinema 4D plus VRAY Standalone 3.4
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