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OReilly Learning Apache Tomcat €10 buy download

O'Reilly Media
Martin Kalin

Tomcat is a web server popular with Java programmers and system admins who need a superior web server to publish their web apps. Written in Java for the Java community, Tomcat is a free production grade web server that is open source, cross-platform (runs on Unix, Linux, Mac OSX, Windows), and very easy to install with no real need for configuration other than for security purposes. System admins love the lightweight Tomcat because it's a no-fuss web server with very reasonable defaults that are easy to customize. In this course, Java and Tomcat wizard Marty Kalin will show you everything you need to know to get Tomcat up and running.

01. Introduction
0101 Overview Of The Tomcat Web Server
0102 About Me
0103 How To Access Your Working Files
02. Tomcat Installation
0201 Tomcat Installation 1
0202 Tomcat Installation 2
0203 Tomcat Installation 3
0204 Tomcat And Core Java
0205 Tomcat Request Mapping
0206 Tomcat Directory Structure
0207 Tomcat Installation Exercise
0208 Installation Exercise Assessment
03. Htttp And Web-App Deployment
0301 Http Basics 1
0302 Http Basics 2
0303 Http, The Web Container, And The Web App
0304 Web App Deployment Basics 1
0305 An Overview Of Deployment Examples
0306 Web App Deployment Basics 2
0307 Deployment Tools
0308 Ant Script Demonstration
0309 Deployment Exercise
0310 Deployment Exercise Assessment
04. Troubleshooting Deployed Web Apps
0401 Web-App Navigation Issues 1
0402 Web-App Navigation Issues 2
0403 Wrapup Of Web-App Navigation
0404 Tomcat's Web Console
0405 Troubleshooting: The Big Picture
0406 Bad XML Files In A Deployed War File
0407 JSP Script To Java Servlet Translation
0408 JSP Translation Errors
0409 Tomcat Help On Run-Time Error Detection
0410 Precompiling JSP Scripts
0411 Troubleshooting Wrapup
05. Web-App Types And Concurrency Issues
0501 Web Sites, Web Services, And Web Sockets
0502 A Web Site Example
0503 A Web Service Example
0504 A Web Socket Example
0505 Concurrency Issues In Web Apps
0506 A Thread-Unsafe Servlet
0507 Concurrency And Thread-Safety Wrapup
0508 Where To Put The JARs That Hold Software Libraries
06. Transport-Level And Container-Managed Security In Tomcat
0601 Security Overview
0602 A Security Example With The 'Curl' Utility
0603 Security Concepts
0604 Peer Authentication And The Https Handshake
0605 Tomcat Configuration For Https
0606 Https Exercise
0607 Https Exercise Assessment
0608 Request Redirection And Https
0609 Overview Of Users-Roles Security
0610 Tomcat Security Realms
0611 A Web-App Demonstration Of Container-Managed Security
0612 Security Wrapup
07. Selected Advanced Topics
0701 Customizing And Analyzing Tomcat Logging
0702 Virtual Hosts In Tomcat
0703 Remote Monitoring And Management Of Tomcat
0704 Tomcat And CGI
08. Wrapup
0801 Screencast Wrapup

Download File Size:1.19 GB

OReilly Learning Apache Tomcat
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