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J. Scott Giaquinta

Spectrasonics Omnisphere is a synthesizer of enormous power, with a library of over 12,000 sounds. Its versatility makes it valuable for any kind of music production, including film scoring. In this Omnisphere training course, J. Scott Giaquinta explains what makes this amazing synth work, including the concepts behind headers, multis, parts, and layers, and shows how to find sounds in its extensive libraries. He also demonstrates how to use the Orb, a unique circular controller, and the granular engine to modify sounds, and build your own sounds with features such as the Modulation Matrix and FX modules. In the final chapters, J. Scott G. shows how to create two completely new sounds (a bass sound and pad) from scratch with Omnisphere.

What you need to know
1. Concepts
Understanding Omnisphere's architecture and hierarchy
Navigating the header and multis
How to set up automation
2. Managing Presets and Patches
Navigating with the mini-browser and full browser
Using Sound Match and Sound Lock to browse for similar sounding patches
Saving and managing your sounds
3. Navigating Omnisphere
Navigating common parameters of the main page
Navigating the layer pages
4. Using the Orb
Using the Orb to manipulate sounds
5. Building Your Sounds
Exploring Synth mode
Exploring Sample mode
Using filters to add texture to your sounds
Using envelopes as a modulation source
Using LFOs as a modulation source
Exploring the sidebar and Modulation Matrix
Using the granular engine to mangle sounds
6. Using Omnisphere's FX Modules
A brief overview of the FX section and architecture
Using modulation to control FX parameters
7. Using the Arpeggiator
Understanding the Arpeggiator
8. Using Stack and Live Mode
Using Stack mode to split sounds across a keyboard
Using Live mode
9. Creating Sounds from Scratch
Creating a bass sound from scratch
Creating a pad from scratch
Next steps


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Lynda.com Up and Running with Omnisphere 2
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