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Toontrack EZX2 Reggae 1.0.0 HYBRID (1 dvd) €20 buy download


Arguably more so than in any genre, the rhythm section is the
heart and soul of reggae. Coherently it forcefully pushes the music
forward, always with the characteristic, steady beat of the drums at
the very forefront.

The Reggae EZX takes the traditional sound and recording
techniques of reggae drums and puts it in the powerful framework of
today's most intuitive tool for drum production, EZdrummer 2.

The Reggae EZX was recorded at Rub-a-Dub Studios in Stockholm,
Sweden and comes with a unique and genuine collection of
instruments, all handpicked for this session. It includes two full,
single-headed custom drum kits, a generous selection of snares,
percussion and traditional Binghi and clay hand drums.

Everything was recorded using vintage gear and microphones, the
custom miking techniques of the genre and through a 1970s Soundcraft
Series II console. All this coupled with the studios dense,
organic wood-lined walls, its tight space and three decades worth of
reggae history will give you unrivaled authenticity in drums for
roots oriented music. Saturated, warm and rich tones that will fall
seamlessly into any track you're working on.


Customized Yamaha Stage Custom and 1970s Premier drums
Two full kits (with alternative tuning/damping on two sets of toms)
Traditional percussion pieces and hand drums
Effect chain presets for a wide range of sounds and styles
Includes a collection of reggae MIDI grooves

Download File Size:993.85 MB

Toontrack EZX2 Reggae 1.0.0 HYBRID (1 dvd)
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