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Equinoxe is a powerful virtual analogue synthesizer dedicated to
recreating the works of Jean Michel Jarre.

Jarre used an amazing range of powerful analogue synthesizers
including instruments by Arp, Korg, Moog, Oberheim, Roland,
Sequential Circuit, Yamaha and many more. These days, it would be
nearly impossible to build such a vast collection of instruments and
it would cost a fortune! The SuperWave Equinoxe can accurately
replicate the sounds used to create Jarres classic works such as
Oxygene, Equinoxe, Magnetic Fields and Rendez-Vous. We supply a full
range of presets and a selection of tracks in Cubase and MIDI file
formats demonstrating the accuracy achieved by this powerful musical
instrument. Equinoxe 4 and Magnetic Fields 2 are supplied with the
trial version and 12 additional tracks are supplied via email when
purchased. The SuperWave Drums Bundle is also provided free of
charge when purchasing the Equinoxe synthesizer.

Equinoxe is a very powerful and versatile instrument and can be
used for any type or genre of music. It features much of the
technology used in the Ultimate synth, but has been modified to
enable the creation of sounds and effects of the analogue
synthesizers used by Jarre. Equinoxe is capable of huge leads, pads,
strings, basses and sound effects. Powerful features include the
Ultimate Oscillator which has a total of 16 fully programmable
oscillators. All the oscillators can have their own individual
settings which include Waveform, Level and Pan. All 16 oscillators
on the Ultimate Oscillator can also be detuned and stereo spread
from a single control which makes programming oscillator stacked
sounds a breeze. The Equinoxe features four thirty-two step
Sequencers, an Arpeggiator and Multi-Effects which include Tone
Control, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Reverb and Limiter with Drive.

Equinoxe is the only synthesizer dedicated to the works of Jean
Michel Jarre! There are two versions of the Equinoxe available, the
Equinoxe and the Equinoxe Extreme HD Edition.

Download File Size:19.08 MB

SuperWave Equinoxe Bundle 1.0
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