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Póker eBooks Collection
English | PDF | Large Books Collection | 2.07 GB
Genre: eLearning Póker

List of eBooks Included
Kill Phil Expanded Edition by Blair Rodman and Lee Nelson.pdf (2.10 MB)
Systematic Poker No Limit Sit-N-Go Texas Holdem System.pdf (688.43 KB)
Moving Through uNL 2010 - Verneer.pdf (7.14 MB)
PLO From Scratch.pdf (10.29 MB)
Kill Everyone (Lee Nelson).pdf (152.26 MB)
Poker MathThat Matters (Owen Gaines).pdf (3.40 MB)
Super System 2 - A Course in Power Poker (Doyle Brunson).pdf (2.27 MB)
Phil Gordon's Little Green Book (Phil Gordon).pdf (9.37 MB)
Poker Math Made Easy (Roy Rounder).pdf (579.27 KB)
The Math of Hold'em (Collin Moshman).pdf (4.22 MB)
The Intellligent Guide to Texas Hold em Poker (Sam Braids).pdf (7.31 MB)
(Angel Largay) No-Limit Texas Hold'em - A Complete Course.pdf (2.76 MB)
The Intelligent Poker Player (Philip Newall).pdf (7.99 MB)
Treat your poker like a business. (Leatherass).pdf (6.41 MB)
Science of Poker (Mahmood).pdf (8.32 MB)
No Limit Hold 'em Theory and Practice (David Sklansky, Ed Miller).pdf (23.72 MB)
Practical Poker Math (Pat Dittmar).pdf (12.75 MB)
Swaynes Advanced Degree in Hold'em.pdf (7.04 MB)
lee.jones. Winning low limit holdem.pdf (4.90 MB)
Sylvester Suzuki - Poker Tournament Strategy.pdf (6.42 MB)
Let There Be Range by Tri (slowhabit) Nguyen and Cole (cts) South.pdf (12.29 MB)
Phillips, Larry W - The TAO Of Poker.pdf (4.30 MB)
Playing The Player Moving Beyond ABC Poker - Ed Miller.pdf (957.78 KB)
zen and the art of poker (Larry Phillips).pdf (9.80 MB)
Play Razz Poker To Win_ New Strategies F - Cogert, Mitchell.pdf (5.82 MB)
Play Poker Like the Pros (Phil Hellmuth).pdf (6.85 MB)
Phil Gordon Little Gold Book.pdf (4.77 MB)
Power Hold'em Strategy by Daniel Negreanu.pdf (56.68 MB)
Mike Caro - Book of Poker Tells.pdf (4.16 MB)
Professional no limit (Flynn, Mehta, Miller).mobi (1.90 MB)
Professional Poker by Mark Blade.pdf (78.36 MB)
No Limit Holdem Secrets (Roy Rounder).pdf (2.23 MB)
Secrets of Non-Standard Sit'n'Gos by Phil Shaw.pdf (1.69 MB)
The Poker Puzzle by Oliver (Improva) Marx.pdf (2.43 MB)
The Poker Blueprint by Tri Nguyen and Aaron Davis.pdf (7.04 MB)
Easy Game 3rd Edition - Andrew Seidman.pdf (1.65 MB)
(J. Little) Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Volume 1 by Jonathan Little.pdf (3.11 MB)
The Theory of Poker (Sklansky) (seventh printing, complete).pdf (3.02 MB)
Small Stakes No-Limit Holdem (Miller, Mehta, Flynn).pdf (1.40 MB)
The Mental Game of Poker - Jared Tendler.pdf (1.41 MB)
Winning Poker Tournaments - One hand At A Time Vol.1 (Turner, Lynch, Fleet).pdf (21.68 MB)
Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time Vol. 2 (Turner, Lynch, Fleet).pdf (9.53 MB)
Tri Nguyen - The No Limit Holdem Workbook - Exploiting Regulars.pdf (19.92 MB)
Secrets of Sit'n'gos (Phil Shaw, 2008).pdf (44.62 MB)
The Raiser's Edge - Tournament -Poker Strategies for Today's Aggressive Game (Elky, Nelson).pdf (6.90 MB)
Playing Texas Holdem Online - The Professional'S Guide 2005 (C)Ajmills.pdf (2.18 MB)
killer poker online 2 - john vorhaus.pdf (1.66 MB)
Online No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker For Beginners By August O Meara.pdf (962.53 KB)
Phil Hellumth Presents Read Em and Reap (Poker Tells e-book).pdf (17.06 MB)
Neocheating, The Unbeatable Weapon For Poker, Blackjack, Bridge & Gin (Wallace).pdf (2.44 MB)
The Pot-Limit Omaha Book by Tri (slowhabit) Nguyen.pdf (8.79 MB)
Earn $30,000 per Month Playing Online Poker A Step-By-Step Guide to Single Table Tournaments (Ryan Wiseman).pdf (9.72 MB)
Elements Of Poker by Tommy Angelo.pdf (1.38 MB)
Full Tilt Poker Tips From The Pros.pdf (11.60 MB)
Fundamentals of Poker - Malmuth and Loomis.pdf (1.48 MB)
Gus Hansen - Every Hand Revealed.pdf (83.51 MB)
Heads-Up (Collin Moshman).pdf (7.59 MB)
Holdem Brain by King Yao Poker eBook.pdf (981.17 KB)
Hold em Poker For Advanced Players By Sklansky and Malmuth.pdf (6.37 MB)
Hole Card Confessions (Owen Gaines).pdf (2.32 MB)
How to Beat No-Limit Hold 'Em 6-max Cash Games by Bill (billyjex) Vosti.pdf (45.68 MB)
How To Read Hands At No-Limit Hold'em - Miller, Ed.pdf (2.71 MB)
How I Made My First Million From Poker - Tri SlowHabit Nguyen.pdf (111.71 MB)
Internet Texas Hold'em Winning Strategies From An Internet Pro (Matthew Hilger).pdf (2.67 MB)
Poker for Dummies.pdf (17.67 MB)
Harrington Cash Vol1.pdf (69.23 MB)
Harrington on Cash Games - How to Play No-Limit Hold 'em Cash Games Vol2.pdf (54.83 MB)
Harrington On Hold'em (Volume 1; Strategic Play) (Dan Harrington).pdf (11.39 MB)
Harrington On Hold'em (Volume 2; The Endgame) (Dan Harrington).pdf (13.89 MB)
Harrington On Hold'em (Volume 3; The Workbook) (Dan Harrington).pdf (19.20 MB)
1000 Best Poker Strategies (Susie Isaacs).pdf (13.41 MB)
Dynamic Full Ring Poker Beyond The Basics (Splitsuit).pdf (29.59 MB)
Decide to Play Great Poker (Annie Duke).mobi (1.22 MB)
Dan Harrington Harrington on Online Cash Games - 6 Max No Limit Holdem.pdf (154.24 MB)
Daniel Negreanu - Holdem Wisdom for all players.pdf (5.21 MB)
Ryan Fees 6maxNL Guide.pdf (383.89 KB)
Scharf Winning at Poker - Essential Hints and Tips.pdf (13.81 MB)
Advanced Texas Holdem - David Stam.pdf (2.60 MB)
Travis Steffen - Peak Performance Poker.mobi (374.23 KB)
Advanced Concepts of Poker (Wallace).pdf (4.12 MB)
Bobbo's bible & bonuses [Compact].pdf (546.31 KB)
Hwang - Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha 1 - Small Ball and Short-Handed Play.pdf (2.14 MB)
Hwang - Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha 2 - Lag Play.pdf (10.14 MB)
Hwang - Advanced Pot-limit Omaha 3 - The Short-handed Workbook.pdf (14.35 MB)
Hwang - Pot Limit Omaha - The Big Play Strategy.pdf (5.32 MB)
Byron Jacobs & Jim Brier - How good is your Limit Hold'em.pdf (3.40 MB)
Championship No-Limit & Pot-Limit Hold'em (T.J. Cloutier & Tom McEvoy).pdf (2.87 MB)
Winning at Internet Poker For Dummies (Mark Harlan).pdf (4.53 MB)
A Comedy of Errors - Exploiting Your Opponents Mistakes.pdf (308.75 KB)
DoanDiggy - Outplay Your Opponents Using PokerStove.pdf (1.11 MB)
Double or Nothing Strategy.pdf (1.03 MB)
The Rough Guide to Poker.pdf (6.86 MB)
Arnold Snyder Poker Tournament Formula 1.pdf (20.25 MB)
Arnold Snyder Poker Tournament Formula 2.pdf (41.75 MB)
(ebook) Beat The Rake 15 Poker Strategy Articles.pdf (493.87 KB)
Complete Hold'Em Odds Handbook.pdf (477.62 KB)
HUSNG Mersenneary Ebook.pdf (4.35 MB)
Body Language & Poker by Allan Pease.pdf (3.05 MB)
What Every BODY is Saying-FBI speedreading people (Navarro).PDF (3.22 MB)
Texas Hold'em Opening Hands And Drawing Odds (Matthew Hilger).pdf (192.97 KB)
Poker Ebook - Roy Rounder - Texas Holdem Secrets.pdf (560.25 KB)
Illustrated Guide to Texas Holdem (Dennis Purdy).pdf (5.52 MB)
Collin Moshman - Sit n go strategy.pdf (41.78 MB)
Ace On The River (Barry Greenstein).pdf (56.15 MB)
Dusty Schmidt -Don't Listen To Phil Hellmuth.pdf (2.78 MB)
David Sklansky - The Eight Mistakes In Poker.pdf (228.07 KB)
Cash Game Killer (SmackinYaUp).pdf (1.17 MB)
Analytical No-Limit Holdem.pdf (33.48 MB)
lee nelson ebook lets play Poker.pdf (4.79 MB)
Stomp The Comp (Michael Vall).pdf (236.20 KB)
How To Beat Seven Card Stud Eight or Better at the Lower Limits (Paul Kammen).doc (525.50 KB)
Tournament Poker & the Art of War - Apostolico.pdf (5.83 MB)
Anton Drake - Poker Isometrics and Poker Fitness.pdf (14.98 MB)
Deal Me In! Online Cardrooms, Big Time Tournaments, and The New Poker (glenn McDonald).pdf (6.89 MB)
52 Tips for Texas Hold Em Poker - Barry Shulman.pdf (512.67 KB)
Poker Winners Are Different - David Sklansky 2009.mobi (445.26 KB)
Rolf Slotboom and Rob Hollink Secrets of Short handed Pot Limit Omaha.pdf (1.69 MB)
FullTilt tournament strategy guide.pdf (21.06 MB)
plo8poker revealed dandeppen.pdf (1.49 MB)
Phil Gordon - Blue Book.pdf (16.67 MB)
Winning Secrets Of Online Poker.pdf (9.56 MB)
Texas Holdem Best Starting Hands.pdf (248.45 KB)
advanced plo theory vol2 - Tom Chambers.pdf (100.36 MB)
MAGBO0K - The Ult1mate Gu1de to P0ker.pdf (27.26 MB)
Crushing The Microstakes.pdf (5.26 MB)
Advanced PLO Theory Volume 1 - Tom Chambers (preview only).pdf (1.35 MB)
Danny Ashman - Secrets of Short-handed No Limit Holdem.pdf (6.55 MB)
Doyle Brunson'S Super System - A Course In Power Poker By Doyle Brunson.pdf (34.05 MB)
Hutchinson Omaha Point System (Edward Hutchison).pdf (77.49 KB)
jason.pohl.short.handed.and.sng.doc (128.00 KB)
Poker Shrink.doc (2.18 MB)
poker_math VT.pdf (15.74 MB)
SAGE Poker System for Heads Up Satellite Play.doc (34.50 KB)
shorthanded LIMIT holdem articles.pdf (1.06 MB)
Tournament Tactics (Roy Rounder).pdf (344.80 KB)
Taking Notes is the Nuts.pdf (374.15 KB)
Stoxtrader_Winning_Tough_Holdem_Games - BAD ENGLISH TRANSLATION.pdf (7.67 MB)
stats.doc (279.55 KB)
How.To.Develop.A.Perfect.Memory - Dominic O'Brien.pdf (6.83 MB)
The Education Of A Poker Player by Herbert Osborne Yardley.pdf (1.20 MB)
You Can Read Anyone - David J Lieberman (2007).pdf (8.24 MB)
Reading People - Jo-Ellan Dimitrius & Mark Mazzarella.pdf (2.06 MB)
Articles 2+2.doc (3.16 MB)
Rick Braddy - Secrets of How To Play Winning Poker.pdf (1.04 MB)
For_Richer__For_Poorer___Victoria_Coren.pdf (1.29 MB)
destination-final-table.pdf (492.25 KB)
Starting Hands EV by position.doc (242.50 KB)
A Complete Guide to Beating the Micros.docx (51.28 KB)
pot_odds_chart1.jpg (327.19 KB)
Starting-hand-chart.jpg (187.19 KB)
Complete Hold'Em Odds Handbook.pdf (477.62 KB)
How To Master Your Memory - From Sieve to CIA Agent 1h30mn.mp3 (12.75 MB)
Improve.Your.Memory.Ron.Fry.pdf (1.72 MB)
How To Master Your Memory - From Sieve to CIA Agent.pdf (606.17 KB)
Professional_Video_Poker - wong.pdf (495.73 KB)
The_Memory_Program_Devanand.pdf (2.35 MB)
A rough guide to bet sizing.pdf (2.17 MB)
Adjusting to strong and weak opponents.pdf (1.83 MB)
Balancing hand range in poker.pdf (1.40 MB)
Bluffing in multi-way pots.pdf (1.63 MB)
Cash game analysis_ Folding big and calling small.pdf (2.25 MB)
Cash game analysis_ Hail to the Kings.pdf (2.48 MB)
Changing your game for the full-ring tables.pdf (1.74 MB)
Down (swing) but not out.pdf (1.84 MB)
How to make successful hero calls.pdf (2.51 MB)
How to play if the flop doesn't drop your way.pdf (3.19 MB)
How to pull off the successful squeeze.pdf (2.34 MB)
How to spot weak-passive players and take their money.pdf (2.57 MB)
Induce the bluffs and reap the rewards.pdf (1.69 MB)
Make the most of your winning hands with thin value bets.pdf (2.41 MB)
Making the most from your big pocket pairs.pdf (2.40 MB)
Making the most of your combo draws.pdf (2.41 MB)
Middle of the road_ Playing medium pairs preflop.pdf (1.40 MB)
PKR _ Raise Your Game _ Control versus value in cash games.pdf (1.85 MB)
Putting the squeeze on.pdf (2.31 MB)
Raise Your Game _ Ace-Queen quandaries.pdf (2.08 MB)
Raise your game _ An introduction to short-stacking.pdf (2.40 MB)
Raise your game _ Betting the turn for value.pdf (1.74 MB)
Raise your game _ Big Aces from the big blind.pdf (1.75 MB)
Raise Your Game _ Don't be bullied by three-bets.pdf (1.74 MB)
Raise Your Game _ Exploiting opponents in ring games.pdf (1.93 MB)
Raise your game _ Facing the third bet.pdf (1.74 MB)
Raise your game _ Four-bet and conquer.pdf (1.97 MB)
Raise your game _ Hero call from Antonius.pdf (1.96 MB)
Raise your game _ High Stakes Poker_ Hoping to hit.pdf (2.23 MB)
Raise your game _ High Stakes Poker_ Too good to fold.pdf (1.86 MB)
Raise your game _ Introduction to limit hold'em.pdf (2.01 MB)
Raise your game _ Jacks and Tens in ring games.pdf (1.84 MB)
Raise your game _ Over-betting the Dwan way.pdf (1.96 MB)
Raise Your Game _ Phil Ivey cash masterclass.pdf (2.21 MB)
Raise your game _ Plugging your poker leaks.pdf (1.94 MB)
Raise Your game _ Post-isolation punishment.pdf (1.74 MB)
Raise your game _ River raid.pdf (1.74 MB)
Raise your game _ The big payoff.pdf (1.62 MB)
Raise Your Game _ The mighty gutshot.pdf (1.73 MB)
Raise Your Game _ The value call.pdf (2.97 MB)
Ranging right_ How to put your opponents on a hand range.pdf (2.09 MB)
Read 'em and make 'em weep.pdf (2.07 MB)
Ring game strategy _ Crushing annoying short-stacks.pdf (2.47 MB)
Running riot on the river.pdf (1.85 MB)
Shoving for value.pdf (2.10 MB)
Speed kills_ How to execute the perfect slow-play.pdf (2.19 MB)
Stepping up to high-stakes hold'em.pdf (2.07 MB)
Teeny tots_ Playing small pairs preflop.pdf (1.50 MB)
The best of High Stakes Poker.pdf (3.57 MB)
The importance of balancing your range.pdf (2.08 MB)
The importance of playing the player.pdf (2.41 MB)
The pay-off_ How to make the most of your flopped set.pdf (1.58 MB)
The tricky turn after the check-raise.pdf (1.95 MB)
Two streets of value _ Raise Your Game.pdf (599.12 KB)
Under pressure_ playing inflated pots.pdf (1.84 MB)
157 - _ Wild river action on High Stakes Poker.pdf (2.22 MB)
Six Max _ Don't make a slip when playing Big Slick.pdf (2.53 MB)
Six Max _ LAG or TAG_ Finding your range in six-max games.pdf (2.08 MB)
Six Max _ Playing the player in six-max ring games.pdf (1.49 MB)
Six Max _ Preflop ranges in six-max cash.pdf (2.31 MB)
Six Max _ Raise your game _ Fixing your six-max leaks.pdf (1.99 MB)
Six Max _ The power of the four-bet in six-max cash.pdf (2.69 MB)
Six Max _ Three quick-fixes for small stakes six-max games.pdf (2.00 MB)
PKR _ Combating maniacs in heads-up play.pdf (2.52 MB)
PKR _ Heads Up Grand Slam_ Duthie vs Dwan.pdf (2.46 MB)
PKR _ Heads you win_ Adapting to heads-up Sit & Go's.pdf (2.39 MB)
PKR _ Raise your game _ HUGS_ Alec Torelli vs Tony G.pdf (1.99 MB)
PKR _ Raise Your Game _ HUGS_ Devilfish vs Tabatabi.pdf (2.26 MB)
PKR _ Taking the lead in heads-up cash.pdf (2.00 MB)
PokerBank Articles.doc (3.49 MB)
The SNG Blueprint/The SNG Blueprint Part 1.pdf (503.94 KB)
The SNG Blueprint/The SNG Blueprint Part 2.pdf (567.82 KB)
The SNG Blueprint/The SNG Blueprint Part 3.pdf (324.16 KB)
The SNG Blueprint/The SNG Blueprint Part 4.pdf (449.47 KB)
When To Fold Strong Hands.pdf (83.57 KB)
Pro Tricks For Extra Profit.pdf (86.80 KB)
When Not To Raise.pdf (86.74 KB)
small edges that add up.pdf (86.23 KB)
Bewildering Your Opponents.pdf (87.72 KB)
Extra Profit In The Blinds.pdf (81.76 KB)
When To Stay And When To Quit.pdf (89.78 KB)
Selected Poker Myths - Part 1.pdf (85.49 KB)
Costly Mistakes Made By Experienced Players.pdf (85.55 KB)
Raising For The Right Reasons.pdf (83.98 KB)
How To Watch For Tells.pdf (77.41 KB)
Little-Known Poker Tips That Bring Big Profit.pdf (86.45 KB)
Treating Poker As A Business.pdf (90.12 KB)
Folding Your Poker Hands For Extra Profit.pdf (86.18 KB)
The Bad Rule.pdf (92.37 KB)
Maximizing Profit By Playing Your Position.pdf (85.97 KB)
Profitable Things To Watch In A Poker Game.pdf (84.49 KB)
Poker Leakage - Profit Lost.pdf (89.63 KB)
Do You Know When To Shift Gears In Poker.pdf (85.26 KB)
protecting your poker bankroll and more.pdf (84.72 KB)
motivational tips that save your bankroll.pdf (87.21 KB)
using 'talking tells' to destroy opponents.pdf (86.38 KB)
Luck Matters In Poker.pdf (83.83 KB)
Bonus Strategies For Extra Profit At Poker.pdf (78.56 KB)
in poker, you can stay the same and suffer or adjust and prosper.pdf (68.23 KB)
Answering Poker's Most Common Questions.pdf (84.03 KB)
Things To Practice Beyond A Basic Winning Strategy.pdf (68.58 KB)
When Good Poker Advice Is Bad.pdf (81.12 KB)
Major Tips For October.pdf (81.54 KB)
The Secrets To Reraising In Poker.pdf (81.00 KB)
My Favorite Extra Advice to Add to Your Game Plan.pdf (68.51 KB)
What To Do When You're Losing.pdf (81.19 KB)
Favorite Advice From Our Earliest Sessions.pdf (86.99 KB)
handling tricky situations.pdf (83.52 KB)
How To Advertise In A Poker Game.pdf (67.92 KB)
How To Get Called By Weak Hands.pdf (85.18 KB)
Finding The Best Image For You.pdf (85.46 KB)
(Extra stuff) Teach Yourself Visually Bridge.pdf (41.36 MB)

Download File Size:1.88 GB

Poker eBooks Collection PDF eBook
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